Curbside to Dockside with Rick Seim
As Rick Seim drives his 1965 Amphicar to the water’s edge, his passengers are a picture of excitement and wonder. “The first thing people tend to do is lift their feet off the floorboard because they think water is going to rush in,” Rick says smiling. Quickly, they realize they are in good hands with Rick and are about to go on a ride of a lifetime.

Making a Splash
This rare vehicle, of which there are less than 750 in the United States, combines some of Rick’s favorite interests: cars, water-oriented sports and giving others a fun experience. For this out-going real estate professional, the benefit of owning one of these classic automobiles is the opportunity to meet so many people. The Amphicar is a head-turner and has become a ”celebrity“ around the area. People are attracted to the car, and when they strike up a conversation with the man behind the wheel, they discover Rick’s personality and positive outlook on life fit his unique car. Both have a way of attracting people and making them feel welcomed.

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